About Us

Tom Beyerlein

Bass, Lead Singer – Tom provides the heartbeat of Soul Express with his thumpin’ Fender Precision Bass. Tom is a longtime veteran of the area’s music scene and grew up loving that sweet soul music in the ’60s.




Chris DemmonsChris Demmons

Keyboards, Lead Vocals – Chris has performed with soul, R&B and blues bands for years. In the great soul tradition, Demmons is steeped in the music of the church, and is a church organist to this day.



LaVon Ferguson

Founding Lead Guitarist – LaVon “J.R.” Ferguson was the founding lead guitarist for the popular Dayton rock group The Time Machine and has played with a variety of successful bands over the years. His fiery lead playing has earned him the nickname “Jammin’ J.R.”



Phil FlemingPhil Fleming

Drums, Background Vocals – Phil has a rich history in gospel drumming that started at a very young age.  He was greatly influenced by his great-uncle, “John Jabo Starks,” who was a drummer for James Brown.  Phil has played music in multiple genres and with various bands over the years.  He also teaches drumming and is currently the lead drummer for the church he attends.


Ken McCall

Saxophone, Flute, Lead Vocals – Saxophonist Ken McCall was a professional musician in Los Angeles for a dozen years before coming home to the Dayton area. The multi-talented Ken plays saxophones,  flute and percussion instruments, and sings lead vocals.